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Help us ensure that lessons learned and materials generated in the course of the ‡Khomani land claim become widely available for use not only by the San of southern Africa but by other groups engaged in similar struggles. 

Since 1996 the San of the southern Kalahari have been telling their story to Open Channels via filmmakers, mapping specialists and representatives of human rights organizations. The story has been captured on 135 hours of film, in over 500 photographs, and in a substantial collection of computer-generated maps and posters as well as original documents made with elders in the Kalahari. It has also been captured in the DVD Tracks Across Sand which uses the materials to tell the story of the land claim and to examine what this profound social and political transformation has meant for the San.

A physical archive of all the materials is to be permanently housed at the University of Cape Town Libraries.

We are now seeking funds to create an online digitised archive which will give worldwide access to this unique collection. It will have huge importance, not only for San communities but also for minority groups worldwide.

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