San Communities

Open Channels has been working with San communities in southern Africa since 1997.

We have helped record their story, their place in the land, their languages and their specialised knowledge. We are now working with them to convert that knowledge into tools that can be used to develop livelihoods and to advocate for change.

Two Elders

Elders from the southern Kalahari in South Africa have been able to return to their lands as result of a comprehensive land claim settlement between the San and the government of South Africa.

Commuinty Mapping

Hai//om San in Namibia have used mapping projects to identify their territories, ancestral homes and
patterns of land use.

Group seated outside

Ecological and cultural mapping work at the Land, Livelihoods and Heritage Centre in Botswana is helping to build identity, pride, visibility and economic opportunities for the benefit of communities such as the Shaikarawe community in the Okavango delta.

       With thanks to the San communities of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia for the photographs used on these pages.




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